THEAM, Specialist Asset Manager

THEAM is an asset management company that specialises in Model-driven, Indexing and Capital Protection investment management. It offers investment solutions based on a wide range of financial assets that can meet the needs of clients ranging from savers to institutional investors.


THEAM is BNP Paribas Investment Partner's specialist in Model-driven, Indexing and Capital Protection Investment.

It was founded in 2011 through the merger of two of BNP Paribas Group’s specialist teams.

THEAM aims to combine the innovation and responsiveness of an investment bank with the long-term performance-focused culture of an asset manager.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Fulfilling performance requirements in a socially responsible way


Our teams

Complementary teams of investment professionals



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Executive Committee

The THEAM Executive Committee is composed of five members :

- Denis Panel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
- Laurent Gaude, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
- Isabelle Bourcier, Global Head of ETFs and Index Solutions
- Jean-Philippe Olivier, Head of Investment Specialists
- Benoit Picard, Head of THEAM Structuring team

Investments in the aforementioned fund are subject to market fluctuation and risks inherent in investing in securities. The value of investments and the revenue they generate can increase or decrease and it is possible that investors will not recover their initial investment. Source: BNP Paribas Investment Partners.