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Washington, DC at the White House and Lafayette Square.
March 6, 2017

The US dollar… what else?

During the last three years the US dollar has appreciated by over 25% against major currencies (see Exhibit 1 below).  This rally has been driven by a series of events. These include the announcement, by the Bank of Japan (BoJ) in July 2014 of an extension to its quantitative easing (QE) programme, the prospect of the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) embarking on a new cycle of hikes in official rates in an environment of falling commodities prices and a devaluation of the Chinese yuan in August 2015.

December 20, 2016

Overcrowding and other fallacious concerns about factor investing

Etienne Vincent - Head of Global Quantitative Management, THEAM

December 20, 2016

Low volatility equities: the bursting of a bubble or just interest rate exposure?

Raul Leote de Carvalho - Deputy Head of Financial Engineering at BNP Paribas Investment Partners

December 9, 2016

How factor investing helps to manage constraints

Adding a constraint to any investment management process can only reduce its efficacy. However, investors often have explicit or implicit constraints with which they are obliged to comply.

Investments in the aforementioned fund are subject to market fluctuation and risks inherent in investing in securities. The value of investments and the revenue they generate can increase or decrease and it is possible that investors will not recover their initial investment. Source: BNP Paribas Investment Partners.